Maybe I should start by telling you the truth you may not want to hear. Do you know? Yes, do you know that 2021 is no longer a new year? Oh, I understand that you’re probably still waiting for the right time to make important financial decisions. However, there is no better time than NOW.

Guyyy, no go lose guard. Fine girl, I know you are a ”spec” and yes, problem no dey finish, but do not forget that wahala be like bicycle, e no need fuel to start. Don’t be caught napping. Let’s help you live your best life in 2021.

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If there is anything 2020 taught us, it is the importance of expecting the unexpected. It is sunny but please come with your umbrella, because it may yet rain. No go dull am, save for the rainy days.

There are many ways to save but let’s introduce you to a smarter way. Have you ever thought of saving and earning at the same time? Have you ever wondered if it was possible to save your money with a friend that rewards you for every deposit you make? Calm down, there is more. Imagine having a ”sure gee” that reminds you to save and helps you achieve your financial goals. I know you like that, who no like better thing? Are you concerned about security? It is one of the most trustworthy and threat-resistant friends, it can’t be bullied.

Drum rolls… let me introduce you to a friend and more- PIGGYVEST.

Here are reasons why Piggyvest is the go-to guy:

  1. SECURITY IS PARAMOUNT– Piggyvest uses the highest level of internet security, and it is secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption and a double authentication setting to protect your information from fraudsters. Since 2016, over 2 million people have used Piggyvest to manage their money effectively. Here is a question that might be running through your mind- Is Piggyvest recognized by the Central Bank of Nigeria? Yes, Piggyvest is fully registered with CBN and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC). Do not be afraid, your money is safe. Here is something else… Are you aware that Piggyvest is affiliated with Wema Bank in order to give you a topnotch digital banking experience? Now you know!

2. SAVE AND EARNNo loud am. Once you create a Piggyvest account and save a minimum of ₦1000, you will be rewarded with an additional ₦1000. Let me burst your bubbles! After creating your account, you will receive Piggy points for every deposit and you can convert those points to cash. Nonso, let me tell you something else. If you invite a friend to use Piggyvest, you will be paid ₦1000.

3. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES– Have you heard of ”OPP”? That P is for Piggyvest (inserts smiling emoji). With Piggyvest, you can grow your money confidently and securely by investing in pre-vetted investment opportunities.

4. EASY ACCESSIBILITY– Piggyvest is very simple to use. You can easily navigate the Piggyvest app. The Piggyvest app is available on both Apple store and Google play store.

For more information, click here. You can also read testimonials from active Piggyvest users on

I can hear your heartfelt ”thank you”, you’re welcome. What if I told you one more secret? Come closer, it would be just between the both of us. Do you know that you can transfer to your Piggyvest wallet? That isn’t the gist. So what is the news?

It is absolutely FREE! Yes, you heard me right. Create your account NOW and start earning. Never mind, you can put your head on our shoulder! We are ready to guide you through your journey to financial stability.

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