Live Your Best Life

Just like that, we are in 2021. I mean, we all longed for this year judging from how 2020 went by. Our hope of how amazing 2020 was going to be was dashed by the Coronavirus pandemic which still rages on till this very moment.

Sometimes, we hope for the best and end up not getting that best actualised, but it doesn’t matter. Why? This is because the disappointment prepares us to live our best life with every day that comes by, and it takes the shock off whatever “big” thing happens next – whether positive or negative.

We cannot be more affected than we already are by whatever 2021 brings because the events of 2020 have set the bar extremely low, right? But that does not mean that we should leave our lives to chance and decide to make no plans. It does not mean that we should not live our best lives even in the midst of whatever life throws at us.

Inasmuch as there is that uncertainty that lurks behind shadows, we lose it all when we give up hope, because hope is what keeps us hopeful. Yeah, read that again.

The past year took a lot from us. From the long pauses we took via the lockdown, to the daily increase in the death toll from the virus. I mean, nobody would ever want to live through that again. But then, here we are in 2021, hoping and believing that we would have better experiences than we did in 2020, and it is possible.

I want you to know that all of your dreams can come through in this year, and even though what this year would bring is not known yet, choose to be hopeful.

Talkamonline welcomes you to 2021, even though it’s the end of the month already. It shows that it’s never too late to do the right thing, and that you can choose to be your best person in this year from this very moment.

Live your best life!

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